LifeKit® Predict


opioid related overdose deaths in 2017.

There’s no time to waste.

56.9million people received an opioid prescription in 2017.1

130+people die every day in the US as a result of opioid addiction.2

68% of addiction risk is genetic.3

LifeKit® Predict alerts healthcare providers to an individual’s risk before the prescription is written.

What if we could stop opioid addiction before it starts?

LifeKit Predict

LifeKit® Predict could potentially alert healthcare providers to an individual’s risk before the prescription is written. A clinically validated risk assessment would provide the doctor the information needed to make the appropriate choice for pain management.

Unparalleled performance

  • A genetic test enabling providers to objectively determine an individual’s risk of opioid addiction
  • Analyzes an individual’s 15 alleles involved in the brain reward pathway and compares them to individuals with and without addiction

Regulatory status

  • FDA Breakthrough Device Designation received February 2018
  • FDA IVD Clearance is in-process


1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (WONDER, Atlanta, GA). 2. Opioid Overdose Crisis. National Institute on Drug Abuse. Available online at: 3. Bevilacqua L, Goldman D. Genes and addictions. Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2009;85(4):359–361. doi:10.1038/clpt.2009.6

Easy to use

  1. Simple cheek swab test

  2. Administered before opioid prescription or exposure

  3. Concise report provides risk assessment directly to the clinician to improve patient care

  4. Results within 48 hours

Yes to know.

We can’t stop opioid addiction alone.

Currently most resources in the fight against the opioid crisis are focused on supporting individuals already addicted to opioids. Prescient Medicine wants to change this paradigm to focus on prevention through risk assessment. Predict and prevent the disease of addiction before it happens. You can play a role in ending the opioid epidemic—and saving lives.

If you are a…

Contact Prescient Medicine to learn more about the importance of risk assessment and the role of genetics in determining an individual’s risk of addiction. We’ll share with you how physicians are successfully implementing risk assessment tools into their clinical workflow prior to prescribing opioids. Learn how LifeKit® Predict can potentially help assess opioid addiction risk and develop an appropriate pain management plan for your patients.

Join Prescient Medicine in calling to allocate resources toward the prevention of opioid addiction through risk assessment. Advocate for the education of healthcare providers about the role of genetics in addiction.

There’s no time to waste, so Prescient Medicine is working hard to drive the adoption of LifeKit® Predict to prevent addiction and save lives. Find out how your organization can support the adoption of this revolutionary test. Contact Prescient Medicine to learn how LifeKit Predict can help your organization join the fight against addiction, and to enquire about opportunities for demonstration projects.

An in-depth look at the crisis we face.

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For Investigational Use Only.  The performance characteristics of this product have not been established.